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Product Details

Expansive Mortar

Color: gray
Origine: China
Diameter: 30-110MM
Packaging: carton
Delivery Time: 15-20DAYS
Sample Order: Yes
OEM Service: Yes


CRACK AGENT is a kind of powder with amazing 18,000 PSI expansive strength when mixed with common water. Poured into holes, CRACK AGENT breaks reinforced concrete & rock safely and quietly, while providing SILENT cracking. Since CRACK AGENT provides controlled demolition according to drilling patterns, it is very easy to break reinforcedconcrete and all kinds of stone into desired sizes and shapes, without noise, vibration or dust.

In demolition, concrete cutting & excavating industry, CRACK AGENT helps you to break reinforced concrete and rock into chunks, so you may easily cut off rebar, haul it away with a crane or truck without damage remaining part.

In mining and quarrying industry, CRACK AGENT helps to achieve perfect slabs and blocks from limestone, onyx, marble, granite or any other type of stone you are working with. Compares to blasting, CRACK AGENT avoids waste of valuable stone, high insurance, costly storage and labor. CRACK AGENT can also be applied along with traditional methods like primer cord, hydraulic breaker, diamond blade saw and jackhammer to help cut cost, work time and increase safety, Plus silent operation, CRACK AGENT is perfect for residential, school and airport area. CRACK AGENT helps your work to become more efficient and cost effective.

Depending on different working temperature, there are four types of crack agent for your choice.

How to use


1. Drill holes using an air hammer drill and appropriate drill bit specific to the rock type.

2. Holes should be drilled no further than 30-60cm (1ft-2ft) apart. Note: In reinforced concrete recommended no more than 20cm (8”) apart.

3. Recommended hole diameter 38mm - 50mm (1 ½" - 2.0"). Depth would be 70-90% of the way depending on the type of rock/material to be removed.


1. For regular safety reasons and mixing small amounts by hand, it is recommended to use rubber gloves.

2. In a bucket, combine 1.5 Liters of water to one 5kgs bag of CRACK AGENT. Or pour water and CRACK AGENT as a rate of 1:3 units by weight.

3. Mix well, using a drill and paddle is recommended. If mixing with a stick or other method, make sure powder is completely dissolved into the water. Mix to a slurry.


1. Clean holes before filling using air hose remove excess dust from drilling.

2. CRACK AGENT slurry should be poured into holes within 10-15 min. after mixing. Do not fill to the top, only fill the holes about 15mm ( ½” to 1”) from the top.

3. Mix well and pour into holes while agitating the hole to make sure no air gaps are in the hole. Example: Using a piece of rod or stick to poke holes.

4. For Horizontal holes, a grouting pump would be most reliable to poor.


The cracks appear in 40-60 min. after filling, depending on the weather,rocks, and concrete type. The cracks become wider within time (maximun 48 hours expanding time).


consumption of expansive mortar 2.jpg


1. Amazing Expansive Capability

Amazing 18,000 PSI expansive strength when mixed with common water.

2. Easy to use

No formal training required before use. Just mix with water and then fill into holes. Once mixed with clean water, CRACK AGENT can be poured into holes pre-drilled in the material you are working with It can be poured into the same holes that dangerous explosives are usually placed in.

3. Non-Explosive & Environmentally Friendly

An alternative to blasting, diamond blade saw, hydraulic breaker and jackhammer, which is safer, more efficient, works without noise, vibration, dust by providing silent expansive cracking.

4. Works Efficiently and Cost Effectively

No Special License, training or equipment needed.


1. First step: 5kg in plastic bag
2. Second step: 4 plastic bags in 1 carton
3. Third step: 50-60 cartons on every wooden or plastic pallet.


  • Well designed hole drilling pattern will minimize consumption of CRACK AGENT by cutting into desired sizes.

  • To insure success, CRACK AGENT needs FREE SPACE to expand to.

  • For better results, it is important to note both air and material temperature. Material temperature is the temperature inside of the rock or concrete which can be different from the air temperature.

  • In summer, the best time to use CRACK AGENT is in the evening when material temperature is cool.

  • In summer, cover holes from direct sunlight to avoid blow-out. Example: using a tarp or damp hay to provide shade.

  • If CRACK AGENT completely dries into powder and did NOT crack, pour additional water onto CRACK AGENT filled holes.

  • When using CRACK AGENT on highly absorbent materials like concrete, the holes should be dampened before the mortar is poured, making sure however, that there is no presence of water.

  • Fresh mortar should be poured into holes within 5 minutes after mixing.

  • The workers need to take synchronized operation, especially to hard stone. The quantity of holes each worker responsible to fill has to be moderate. Taking synchronized steps when mixing, stirring and filling will lead to maximum expansive stress with all holes expand at the same time.

  • When mixing, if CRACK AGENT begins to steam in container, add some water to dilute and process properly.

Safety Precautions

•Make sure that everyone working with CRACK AGENT understands the possibility of blowouts, and has read the technical instructions thoroughly.

•CRACK AGENT is a highly alkaline product, pH reaches 13 after contact with water and can cause severe irritation to mucous membranes, especially eyes. Skin and eye contacts with CRACK AGENT must be rinsed off with large amounts of cold water immediately without rubbing. Consult a doctor quickly.

•Wear safety goggles and rubber gloves during CRACK AGENT handling, mixing and filling. Dust-proof mask is recommended in poorly ventilated areas such as tunnels or mines.

•Plug the holes immediately after filling and cover the holes with straw mat. Keep your face away from the holes filled by mortar. Stay away from filled holes at least 3 hours after filling to avoid blow-out shot. Keep people away from job site after filling .

•Warm or bubbling mortar is forbidden to fill into holes. Once filled holes start to smoke or steam, that is the sign they may be about to blow out. Clear the area of people immediately.

•Keep people away from jobsite after filling holes. In case of people have to remain in the area, cover filled holes with a tarpaulin.

•Take care of fall of cracked block from the cracking object.