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Product Details

Gasoline Rock Drill

Origine: China
Diameter: 28-42MM
Packaging: Ply-wood box
Delivery Time: 5-7days
Sample Order: Yes
OEM Service: Yes
Model: YN27C

The internal combustion rock drill YN27C is a portable rock-drilling tool, combined of a small petrol engine, an air compressor and a rock drill.

During operation, rock powder is blown away by the compressed air produces by the machine itself.

This machine is a portable machine; it is also can use with supporting stand. Drilling hole diameter 28mm-42mm,when turning vertically down-ward, it can drill to the depth of 6m.

It is easy to be carried along. It is suited to work on high mountains, plains, hot and cold condition with no power, no water supply and no air compressing equipments. Especially, suits the projects that the machine has to be carried at any time and in any area.


With turning the swing arm to run   or stop rotation plumbum,the machine can be converted into a breaker or a hammer, for breaking,digging,splitting or ramming.

The machine is suited to build of bridge, road, powder station, geological exploration etc.

Combined Rock drill/breaker.

Self-contained, Gasoline powered Drill and paving Breaker

Double the function......half the cost!

In the drill mode it produces flushing air for cutting removal, impact androtation.


The gasoline powered YN27C is an ideal tool for small drilling andbreaking applications or when working at hard to reach sites. Just flip the selector and you have a breaker with a capacity fully compatible with medium sized pneumatic hammers and drills. Pull the start cord and the YN27C will deliver a full hours effective work for just 0.4 gallons of fuel. It will drill a 3 foot hole in hard granite in only three and a half minutes!


  1.  can be used either as a drill or breaker

  2.  2 stage fuel system

  3.  All metal construction

  4.  Washable air filter

  5.  Only 4 main moving parts

  6.  Vibration reducing handle grips

  7.  breaks rock and concrete


Technical specifications/model YN27C
Weight of main   machine27kg
Overall   dimensions(L*W*H)746*315*229mm
Type of engineSingle cylinder, air cooled   two strokes
Cylinder   diameter*stroke of pistonΦ58*70mm
Rotation speed of   engine≥2450rpm
Displacement of   engine piston4625px³
Type of carburetorhand needle valve,   floatless type
Ignition systemcontrollable silicon,   contactless system
Drilling speed   (mean value of five holes)≥250mm/min
Drilling hole   diameter¢28-42mm
Max drilling depth6m
Fuel consumption≤0.12L/m
Tank capacity≥1.5liter
Mixture ratio of gasoline and
    lubrication oil (in volumes)
Drill rod and   breaker shankHex22*108mm
Rotating speed of   drill rod≥200rounds/min
Clearance of spark   plug0.5-0.7mm