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Product Details

Low Air Pressure DTH Bit

Color: Orange, Red, Black, Yellow, Gold
Origine: China
Diameter: 76-130MM
Insert Button Shape: Spherical, ballistic, parabolic
Bit Faces: flat face, concave, convex
Packaging: carton
Delivery Time: 20-30days
Sample Order: Yes
OEM Service: Yes
Model: CIR70,CIR90,CIR110

Sansung company makes and supplies the finest and most efficient Down-the-Hole (DTH) hammers and bits for the mining, construction and water well industries.

Drill and blast engineers and water well contractors trust Sansung's DTH equipment because of the precision engineering and high standards of drilling efficiency built into each of our hammers and bits.

CIR series DTH hammer, a kind of valve-equipped Low-Air-Pressure hammer with single piston, a plate valve and a central exhaust structure. The compressed air is adopted as the driving force. To prevent dust pollution and get a better performance, some high-pressure water may be added into the air for wet rock drilling.

It is mainly featured in:

1. The strong energy of single impact and the low engergy consumption in rock crushing.

2. The weight ratio of piston and bit almost reaches 1:1 to provide long effective acting time, which leads to the improved efficiency in rock crushing and the extended service life of the drilling tool.

3. A good performance in central air exhaust and cutting discharge, which reduces the repeated crushing of rock.

4. A check valve device is available to drill holes under water.

The CIR series DTH hammer, an ideal drilling tool, is widely used in such industries relating to energy,transportation,metallurgy,building, etc...

Hammer ModelDiameterNo.*button dia. (mm)No.Weight
mminchgauge buttonsfront buttonsflushing holekg
CIR90903 1/26*Φ144*Φ1233.3
CIR1101104 3/86*Φ145*Φ1436.2
1204 3/46*Φ146*Φ1337.2
1305 1/87*Φ146*Φ1438.2