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Product Details

Twist Drilling Bit and Rod

Origine: China
Diameter: 50-300MM
Thread Model: SPRING PIN, API 2 3/8" REG, or customized
Packaging: Ply-wood box
Delivery Time: 15-20DAYS
Sample Order: Yes
OEM Service: Yes

The spiral geologocal drill pipe/rod is produced on the basis of high torque performance of geological drill pipe/rod, using single screw blades or double helical blades, by the craft of prestressed winding welding.

High grade geological drilling special alloy steel tube is used for the drill rod and pipe joint selects high quality alloy structural steel, molded under high-pressure, with quenching and tempering treatment in vacuum. The friction welding ensures characteristics of high bending strength, firmness, high efficiency deslagging.

Compared with similar products, the fatigue stength and shear stength are greatly improved. Geological spiral drill pipe is mainly suitable for deep hole drilling under medium hard and above geological conditions construction, greatly improving the production efficiency of drilling, is the first choice for high efficiency drilling construction, energy saving and consumption reduction.

The connection is by wedge spring pin, or with thread API 2 3/8" REG, or customized.

Rod length is from 1000MM to 4500MM, other lengths are also available.

Blades quantity in each 1000MM section can be customized.

Rod body diameter and Spiral diameter are also able to change as per client's request.


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